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About Us

Steel City Spore

Pittsburgh's Urban Mushroom Farm.

Woman-owned urban fresh mushroom farm. Our farm is located in East Liberty at Rockwell Park, Pittsburgh. We are dedicated to sustainability, education, and community. Our goal is to provide the city with a sustainable, fresh, local source of mushrooms while educating people on these fungi's health and environmental benefits. We are committed to creating a healthier, more sustainable food system for our communities. We offer a variety of mushrooms for sale, grow kits and tinctures, as well as educational workshops and other events. Join us on our mission to make the Steel City a greener place.


Sustainable Practices

Our sustainable approach to urban farming sets us apart from the rest. We use a mixture of soyhulls, water and hardwoods to grow our mushrooms. No chemicals, no pesticides, all natural!
We are also interested in further researching sustainable farming practices, studies in mycoremediation, and any ways we can use our mushrooms to heal ourselves and the environment for future generations. 

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