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"How to Use Your Pink Oyster DIY Kit for Stunning Homegrown Mushrooms"

Step 1 Pasteurize Substrate

Dump the Hay into a pot, and boil for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, let drain in the very clean sink, strainer, or well-draining container overnight.

Step 2 Collect Materials

Make a clean workspace, and gather the bag, mycelium (in the paper bag), and hay. Put on gloves

Step 3 Make Fruiting Block

Put hay back into its original bag, and dump the contents of the brown paper bag on top.

Step 4 Close It Up

With the rubber band provided, tie the top of the bag as tight as possible. Make sure you do this above the white air patch. Just like us Fungi breathe oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, so this allows the mushrooms to breathe!

Step 5 Shake It Up

Shake and mix around the mycelium so it spreads all around the hay as it grows.

Step 6 Wait

Place substrate in an area that is between 60-75 degrees, and out of direct sunlight. In 10-14 days the hay should be fully covered by mycelium

Step 7 Cut an Opening

Remove the rubber band and fold the flap underneath the block. Make a 3-4 inch X using a knife into the side of the bag. Use photo as a reference to approx. size of the X to make.

Step 7 Mist and Harvest

Keep the bag in a location that is 60-75 degrees and out of direct sunlight. I suggest by the kitchen sink as it is somewhere you visit a few times a day. Mist your Kit 3 times a day with water. Mushrooms begin to grow 4-10 days from when the cut is made into the bag. Harvest when the edges of the caps begin to flatten out. You should get 2-3 flushes (harvests) from each kit, so keep on misting after you harvest!

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