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luxurious fusion of nature's finest ingredients meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare routine. Immerse yourself in the nourishing embrace of almond oil, lion's mane, oyster mushroom, and reishi, and unveil a new level of radiance and vitality for your skin.


At the heart of our formula lies pure almond oil, a time-honored elixir celebrated for its exceptional moisturizing properties. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, almond oil nourishes and hydrates, leaving your skin feeling velvety-smooth and rejuvenated.


  • Reishi contains beta-glucans, a chain of antioxidant glucose molecules that are responsible for attracting water from the environment to your skin
  • Reishi mushrooms and Oysters mushrooms sustain high levels of l-ergothioneine and reduced glutathione, this helps fights free radicals, prevent pre-mature aging, and can increase UV protection
  • Lion's mane contains polysaccharides which can enhance antioxidant enzyme activities and increase collagent



Mycelium Glow Oil

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