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In-Season Mushrooms

Welcome to our Mushroom Farm Product Listing, where we cultivate our mushrooms with a whole lot of love! We believe that the key to exceptional mushrooms lies in nurturing them with care and dedication. Our carefully handpicked selection includes a variety of mushrooms, each grown with love and attention to detail



Golden Oyster


Golden Oyster mushrooms have a robust and nutty flavor profile. Their taste can be described as slightly sweet with subtle woodsy undertones, making them a standout in various dishes.


These mushrooms possess a tender yet slightly chewy texture when cooked. Their thin, fanned caps cook quickly, crisping around the edges, while the stems retain a meaty consistency.


Pohu Oyster


Pohu Oyster mushrooms deliver a mild and subtle flavor, reminiscent of the typical oyster mushroom but with a slight earthiness and butteriness that complements a range of cuisines.


Like other oyster mushrooms, the Pohu variety has a velvety texture. When cooked, they become tender, with the stems being slightly more chewy than the caps.



Black Pearl King


Black Pearl King mushrooms have a rich, umami flavor that is deeper and more intense than regular oyster mushrooms. There's a slight woodsy note that many describe as reminiscent of abalone.


These mushrooms are prized for their substantial, meaty texture. The thick, cylindrical stem is particularly firm and can be sliced into rounds or strips, holding its shape well during cooking. The cap is softer and cooks to a delicate tenderness.


Pioppino Mushrooms


Pioppino mushrooms, also known as Black Poplar or Velvet Pioppini, have a rich, earthy flavor profile that's complemented by a slight nuttiness. It's a favorite among chefs for its distinct taste that enhances many dishes.


The caps of Pioppino mushrooms are tender and velvety, while the stems have a firmer, chewy texture. When cooked, they provide a contrasting mouthfeel that's both soft and substantial, making them an intriguing addition to a variety of dishes.



Lions Mane


Lion's Mane has a delicate, seafood-like flavor, often compared to the taste of crab or lobster. Its subtle, umami profile makes it a versatile culinary ingredient.


When cooked, Lion's Mane has a tender, meaty texture similar to some seafood, offering a slightly chewy consistency that's reminiscent of cooked crab or lobster meat. Its fibrous strands provide a pleasant mouthfeel that sets it apart from other mushrooms.

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